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It's cake in loaf form, and is often served without icing or any decoration that would make a slice for breakfast seem inappropriate. I maxed out, oooooh yeah I did, and bananas were henceforth relegated to other dish duties. Some years later, after easing off the preparation and waiting patiently for the craving to come tumbling back in, it's time for banana bread once more.

Breakfast in Bed for Mom—the Panera Bread Way

And here we are with a very lovely loaf. Spelt flour was a natural addition to the bananas in this loaf, as we know I favour it in baking.

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Honey, too, as I try to avoid more refined sugars when possible. One Friday morning a few weeks ago, I noticed that the bananas were ready, brown and begging to be baked. And so I clapped my hands and mashed them into bread with extra virgin olive oil. I flirted with the idea of using yoghurt too, but felt I might end up with something too yoghurt cake -like, which, while I dearly appreciate in its own right, was not what I was going for here.

So I kept it simple, only a little cinnamon and a touch of vanilla. It has substance, with keen banana chunks and spelt power, but at the same time this is a light loaf, with a fluffy interior and dreamy, pronounced crumb.

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The crust is sticky, sweet and chewy On this morning we served hedonistically thick slices of fresh banana bread with tart natural yoghurt and stewed rhubarb. A more humble serving, plain or perhaps with a pat of butter or a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, is also lovely.

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Especially when warm from the oven, but we already knew that. Method 1. Preheat your oven to degrees Celsius and grease and line a 20cm x 10cm loaf tin, with baking paper hanging over the edges so you can lift it out easily. Sift the spelt flour and baking soda into a large mixing bowl.

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Add the salt and cinnamon and stir to aerate and combine. Beat the olive oil and honey together in a separate bowl. Then it would get other items and add them to the pile. Every single day. Same order of items. Not sure what else the dog did, but apparently it was super smart. She took it to a trainer, and I guess the trainer told her that what the dog was doing was a sign that it was very smart and would do well with advanced training. The woman gave the dog to some kind of assistance dog program where it was then trained to help people fulfill duties.

This was my first thought, too! Smart dogs come up with weird "jobs" for themselves if they're feeling unfulfilled. My second thought was that your dog wants you to make it a sandwich. My dog just brings all his toys into the living room one by one Then doesn't even play with them!

I just cleaned damnit! Not necessarily a sign of intelligence, but some breeds like to "collect and organise" things.

Moldy Bread Under His Bed: Food and Your Foster Child: Part One : Plummer Youth Promise

Greyhounds for example, will often find the same few pairs of shoes and line them up in the same order against the same wall, every single day. I think it comes from the very rigid, structured lifestyle they live as racers, so when retired they like to have something very repetitive in their life.

The Bread Bed

It is probably a mild expression of separation anxiety. Why that, who knows, it's a dog thing. Unless of course she just likes to snack in bed and generously leaves you some. No help sorry I have an image of her very gently carrying the bread and placing it ever so gently in juuuuust the right spot on the bed. She's a big dog, so I guess she climbs onto the counter and pulls it from the bread box.

Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. My dog likes putting bread on my bed when she's alone in the house. Why does she do this? Is she a pure bread? Most likely she's a thorough bread.