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Catechism of the Catholic Church on the past fulfillment of this prophecy. Yet, there are often multiple fulfillments of a single prophecy, and the beast may also point forward to an individual at the end of time who will be very much like the early Roman emperors.

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Paul states that he will one day manifest himself in the temple of God—which to a first-century Jew would mean the Jewish temple in Jerusalem—and demand to be worshiped as a god. This is related to things the Roman emperors did, such as when Caligula—after he began claiming to be a god—attempted to have an image of himself put in the Jerusalem temple. This plan was narrowly averted. Since the many Antichrists are identifiable as apostate Christians, the future, individual Antichrist may also be an apostate Christian or from an apostate family, people, or nation i.

This is a point of difference between the Antichrist and the original, literal fulfillment of the beast the early Roman emperors were not apostate Christians. But it is not a hindrance to identifying the future, individual Antichrist with the future man of lawlessness or a future fulfillment of the beast from the sea, since future emperor-like individuals may have a personal, familial, or national Christian background.

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Subjects like this have fascinated people for centuries, and the Bible has a surprising amount to say about each of them. Jimmy Akin has spent years studying the mysterious, and in his new CD set he shares the results of his studies with you. He and Catholic Answers Live host Cy Kellett look at three enigmas that everyone wonders about, discussing questions such as:. With his extensive knowledge of Scripture, Tradition, and the teaching of the Church, Jimmy tackles these mysterious topics with precision and clarity.

He and Catholic Answers Live host Cy Kellett look at three enigmas that everyone wonders about, discussing questions such as: Do ghosts exist? How can we tell the ghostly from the demonic? How many antichrists are there? Where are those tribes today, and will they ever return to the Holy Land? Oct 16th Catholic Answers. Recent Posts. Then we start to march our way through the New Testament.

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We get texts, for example, from 1 John 2 and 2 Thessalonians 2, where they also talk about antichrist coming in the latter days. There is a corporate antichrist.

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  5. Yes, this corporate antichrist is active but it will culminate in an end time figure who will come in bodily form and who will deceive at the very end of history. What does the antichrist do? He deceives and he persecutes.

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    His spirit sounds bizarre, but his influence extends right now into the present. It began in the first century and extends right now through a group of false teachers who are infiltrating the church. Either they have infiltrated churches or they are knocking on the door. They are right there. They will then culminate in the bodily figure of the antichrist. So, who is he specifically?

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    He inspires false teachers to deceive and to persecute. The reaction of the church should be to bear up under difficult times. It is exceedingly difficult for Christians at this time and in certain portions of the world.

    Secondly, Christians—this is primarily the case in the West, too—we have a flood of false teaching. We have to actively combat it by reading our Bibles and by standing guard.