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Eventually the entire Iberian Peninsula was under Islamic control.

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Muslims in India. This battle was called the battle of Tours. When the Muslims advanced into western Europe they were halted.


Due to this take over the seat of power was shifted to Baghdad. Between C. This was under the reign of caliph Harun al-Rashid. Mar 17, At first they were adventures like Mahmud.

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It is said that the Seljuks interference with Christian pilgrims traveling to Jerusalem was led by Pope Urban II to call for the first crusade. The city was passed back and fourth between Muslims and Christians for years. In the s C. Delhi was made into the capital. Then his sucessors created a sultanate. The sultanate lasted from which marked the start of Muslim rule in India. Also Malaysian traders interacted with Muslims. The Muslims then taught them about Islam. This state was formed in Anatolia, Turkey.

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The muslims established a capital in the Balkan Peninsula. He smashed into Delhi and plundered the northern plain. There were thousands of artisans enslaved to build Tamerlanes capital, Samarkand. Delhi slowly recovered but the sultans did not control a large empire anymore because northern India fragmented into rival Hindu and Muslim states. The Ottomans change the name from Constantinople to Istanbul. The Safavids were Shiite Muslims. This golden age started in under the sultan Suleiman.


Suleiman reigned from Suleiman was given the name Suleiman the Magnificent because he was a brilliant general and conquered new land. Most importantly the Ottoman empire enjoyed a golden age under his rule.

Babur claimed descent from Genghiz Khan and Tamerlane. Vienna is a city in Austria.

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This action send waves of fear through western Europe. During the Mughal empire Akbar reigned from Akbar was the cheif builder of the Mughal empire and created a strong central government and he earned the title Akbar the Great. From C. He also centralized the government and created a powerful army force. Their capital was called Tehran and they ruled until This was the decline of the Safavid.

The Mughal empire lasted from The talks end a three-decade diplomatic freeze between the two foes. June 15 - U. The bombings are the deadliest militant attacks in Iraq since the U. Fighting rages for a week in south Iraq and many weeks in Baghdad, killing hundreds, but Mehdi army is eventually defeated and Sadr disbands it. The pact gives the government authority over the U.

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Security Council mandate. Parliament approves pact after negotiations 10 days later. President Barack Obama announces plan to end U.

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April 7 - U. President Obama visits Baghdad, marking a new chapter in his strategy to wind down the unpopular war in Iraq. June 24 - A bomb kills 72 people in Sadr City. Four days earlier a suicide bomber detonated a truck bomb killing June 30 - All U. Discover Thomson Reuters. Directory of sites.