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A maioria demonstra surpresa em se ver percebido como negro ou africano, simplesmente. Our analysis is carried out through an ethnographic approach. We analyze the way students experienced the linguistic and pedagogical practices at the universities, the way they make sense the urban spaces they live as well as the Brazilian typical racial tensions and their most common patterns of integration and aggregation. The time they are involved in the migratory flow, the city they live in Brazil and their nationalities are variables playing important roles in their tendencies of socialization.

Although still in a budding phase, , we explore some identity dynamics among the students. The meaning they attribute to their condition in Brazil is hardly the same. The majority of them are surprised when they realize they are simply seen as Africans or black people in Brazil. Such program supports the displacement of students from developing countries to Brazil in order for them to do their undergraduate studies.

Key words: international cooperation; PALOP African countries where the official language is Portuguese ; students; academic exchanges; socialization; tension. Estudante angolana. De acordo com ele,. Estamos fritos. Eu sou legitimamente brasileiro, porque os meus ancestrais tombaram aqui. Tem que pagar todo ano. A perspectiva acima evoca a maneira como Simmel , p. Um estudante guineense afirmou certa vez:. Quando voltar, poderei explicar melhor. Eu jamais imaginei que fosse assim" , comentou um aluno guineense.

Campinas, SP: Editora da Unicamp, Here, among chestnut trunks, the inspiring Birdhouse, an affectionate nickname of Lynn's wooden house, built on natural, sustainable, non-toxic materials, was born. The project, cherished by love and the inevitability of what is pure, had been consolidated in an organic and continuous growth, with respect for the surrounding Earth.

On October 15th, however, this land burned and "A Vida Fausto" was transfigured. Hurricane Ophelia was so strong, causing the fronts to reignite. The fire moved in a tremendous speed over the land, destroying everything on its path," recalls Lynn. Around noon of that day, Lynn received a phone call telling her that one of the fronts of the fire was to re-ascend at the ridge near her paradise.

By this time, the flames were already crossing the road, in their unbridled march for food. We were completely without assistance and I started to prepare for the worst", confesses Lynn. I soon heard that the fire had already reached the houses of my dear friends on top of the mountain. I saw the fire snake moving down into the valley heading for the next village where more friends were living," says Lynn.

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Around three in the afternoon, the internet went down. The contact with the outside world, which, when it falls, leaves us so discouraged. These are memories of moments that tear the strength of who, at that moment, allied the rational to the instinctive. When I reached the third exit over the mountain I saw another firefront moving in, so this was also no option anymore. I decided to go back to the village to seek refuge there, surrounded by stone houses," says Lynn. The wind was unbelievably fast and the village was soon surrounded by the two fronts of the fire. More and more people flocked to the village, the valley was in the trap of a voracious fire.

There were huge explosions to be seen and skyscraper-high fireballs were rolling down the hills," reports Lynn. The people who had concentrated in that isolated village of the world watched the frightening spectacle from a rooftop, stunned, paralised, small, in the loneliness of their souls. At one point, it seemed as if the wind had been blowing in favour, which allowed their chest to fill with some air of relief.

The fire would not give way though. Within minutes, we saw the first building in the village going up in flames.

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The water connections cut off for some hours and people were running up and down with buckets with water from wells to extinguish the embers that were landing on the roofs of other houses," she added. Local politicians and ordinary citizens tried everything to stop the brute force of the flames, filling tanks of water in the creek, but the flames had reached gigantic proportions. The layer of smoke thickened, Lynn and her escape companions made their way to the basement, using wet cotton cloths to cover their mouths and not breathe hell.

Inside, it was imperative to isolate all possible gaps that would let in the tentacles of the outer demonic entity. After an hour or so, it became quiet and we heard the first voices outside.

stoptie portugal

We went outside and saw two huge buildings meters from us still burning, but the firefronts had passed us. The valley in its entirety was covered by fires. It was known that, in 20 kilometers, many clusters were completely surrounded; an escape would be only possible by facing the flames face-to-face. The darkness of the night gave way to a brightness of breath, though dim and shrouded in a dense haze of cataclysm. This light of day opened the way to hope.

However, she knew she would face a lot of death and destruction. The orchard of 50 old olive trees had completely disappeared. The dreams made real and material, erected in the last year and a half, were totally burned.

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I just could not do it. When I kneeled down in tears, too scared of walking towards their pen, I looked to my right and I saw two cute faces peeking around the corner. They had managed to find a corner in a bush near the hammock bed which had remained untouched by the flames. It was pure joy that filled Lynn at that hour, which somewhat healed her wound of deep trust a little.

The oaks suffered severe burns, but there is a chance of them being reborn with the arrival of Spring.

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Native trees are naturally more resistant. The same cannot be said about the pine trees. The eucalyptus, on the other hand, burns, but its natural wisdom of survival makes it reborn, perhaps even stronger.

Fita do Senhor do Bonfim

That is why it was chosen to turn our forest into a unconscious and irresponsible monoculture. The fire was not a natural disaster, it was human-made and could well be classified as a terrorist act," says Lynn. The surrealism of the scenario in the now shakes the mental structure of Lynn.

Everything around her resembles a war zone. Experiencing an event of this magnitude deeply touches many limits at the core, no matter how strong the character may be. After the fire, "the most challenging task is to recover my inner balance and strength, to find that hidden place in my being where I felt peace for the first year and a half in Portugal while feeding life to my project," says Lynn.

Initially, I had not been aware of it, such was the amount of adrenaline my body produced. At the time, this reaction seemed more natural to me: rolling up my sleeves and cleaning up the chaos in order to rebuild my existence. Slowly but surely, a clear discernment occupied my mental space: I did not feel like myself, that was not me," she confided. Lynn felt as if she had awakened from a state of coma during which she had lost all senses and the ability to use them.

As Jung describes it, after a trauma, a psychological disassociation, a "loss of soul", as it is known in shamanism, can occur. Many survivors of this catastrophic fire report similar phenomena and Lynn is one of them. It even seemed that my own feelings and thoughts did not correspond to my being. Beneath the surface, I was in panic, because I no longer wanted to be living in the center of the village.

To normality that no longer existed in the presente moment. Now, it is essential to recover a higher vibrational state. By inviting the inner child to re-enter, by rebalancing the feminine and masculine energies, by nourishing self-love with gestures of every day. Now, after the fire, it becomes more urgent than ever to get the financial resources to be able to quickly execute the area reforestation plans.

They've been here knocking on people's doors to try to buy their burnt land cheaply," says Lynn. Lynn was able to return to her home-land. She wants to protect it, to feel it hers again. The ruin of shist existing in it, a part of the collective legacy, now receives new life and will be rebuilt.