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Sorrel, It was great to have lunch with you yesterday at St. Jude before you spoke.


In you, I also see myself. Even though Josie and Nick died in different ways, we are both bereaved moms who now have Josie and Nick shaped holes in our hearts forever that no one or nothing else can fill. I, like you, am always evaluating why I am doing what I am doing at St. Everytime the answer comes back…to help other parents who have lost or are going to lose a child and experience that same gaping hole. Maybe, in some small way, I might be a part of bearing some part of their burden of grief so that they can bear it until they are able to stand on their own two feet again. We, too, have several big boxes of condolence cards and letters five years later and we don't know what to do with them.

Bixby letter

However, early on in our grief, my husband and I decided on a rule for ourselves. If anything comes up and we don't know what to do about it, we will do nothing until we can decide. Then we leave it alone. I suspect that the boxes of cards will be around for awhile.

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I do feel like I need to see them at least one more time but I haven't even had the courage to open the boxes up yet. Thank you for choosing to use Josie's life, her death, and your loss to make the world a better place for others. I'm a teacher at a national college in bristol,tn, and i teach pharmacy technician classes, and in all of my classes I share josies story, and show them the "remaking american medicine" documentary.

I know people are driven to tears by this story but maybe they will think to communicate better with patients when they get out in the workforce.

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When I read your words it seems as if you were struggling with the meaning of those letters rather than the letters themselves. I think you want to get rid of them but like you said "they are other kind of cluster" they seem to represent that grief and seems like if you feel guilty of leaving those things behind.

How to write a condolence letter

But I think it's ok. Josie will be in your memory and in your heart all you life. Also the good things that you and your husband made out of this horrible experience. You'll never forget her or the feelings you felt with her loss, but maybe getting rid of the letters will help you move forward in a healthier way.

My mother passed away 2 years ago, after a successful cardio thoracic tumor removal, Only to pass away a month later at the nursing home doing her rehab.

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Her doctor said no autopsy is necessary even though, the nursing home claimed she died sitting down in the toilet seat like shes resting on it. Massive heart attack was the diagnosis. She did not have a heart condition. I just saw her and left her at pm, by pm i received the call that she passed away. I almost walked out after hearing about what happened to Josie. You did everything right, and in the end, mistakes was stil made. Just like you, being in the healthcare profession. I was very proactive with my moms health care. It brought all those memories back when I heard your speech.

I have a box of condolence cards that I cannot seem to throw away. To be honest I have not read most of them. Maybe its just a reminder for us that they are remembered not only by us the people who loved them, but by people who knew and heard what happened. She will be a reminder for me, Never again. One of the boxes contained the condolence letters that people had written to us when Josie died.

I had not looked at these letters in over eight years. Eva, who is now twelve, started looking through some of them. I watched her as she read one and then another. I wanted to somehow casually take the letter from her without making a big deal. I let her read.

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After reading a few she dumped them all out and put them in a neat pile, and then went outside to play basketball with Sam. Yours, very sincerely and respectfully, A. The letter has long been legendary among students and scholars of Lincoln.

The eminent Lincoln authority James G. Yet the letter is hardly what it seems. Bixby to whom it was addressed was in fact a Confederate sympathizer who ran a whorehouse. Sarah Cabot Wheelwright, a Boston matron who became acquainted with Mrs. Bixby had lied about her sons. John A. But she had actually lost only two boys in the war.

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Of the three others, one had deserted to the enemy, another may have deserted, and the third was honorably discharged. She may have been hoping for money. In she claimed that one of her sons had been wounded at Antietam and asked for financial help to visit him in a Maryland hospital; Governor Andrew gave her forty dollars. War Department records contain no indication that any of Mrs. General Schouler visited her and left the money, and called yesterday to see that she had everything comfortable for Thanksgiving.

Thus the historian William E.

That, too, is very doubtful. Barton expressed skepticism, but Hay had told others that he had written it too, including the literary editor William Crary Brownell and the U. He did not read one in fifty that he received.