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While this diversity of meanings may inspire some such as the medieval poet Marie de France , it moreover raises a number of important and difficult questions for the modern translator. The period covered by the texts and their translations extends from antiquity to the present day. The literary and critical breadth of these papers, as well as the rigorous interrogation of the modern translation theory, illustrates the remarkable vitality and diversity of current scholarship in this field.

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Forgotten your password? I also have no doubt that with its many flaws the judgment will be reversed on appeal. But what good exactly will that accomplish? Its principal damage — that of reinforcing diverging ethnic realities in the Balkans — will already have been done. The Appeals Chamber might consider that it cannot simply reverse on appeal but that it has to order a retrial, all of which will take many more years.

Montaigne and Brief Narrative Form

And while Seselj seems in better health now that he is in Belgrade rather than in The Hague, it also seems unlikely that he will live all that long. It seems even less likely that the current Serbian leadership, consisting incidentally of his erstwhile proteges, will actually surrender him to the ICTY for further proceedings. Thus, the same facts have been qualified as acts of direct commission, acts attributed to a criminal enterprise, acts of incitement or aiding and abetting.

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The same acts that are qualified as murder, torture and cruel treatment, crimes of expulsion, inhumane acts forcible transfer , wanton destruction and plunder of public or private property, are also referred to as acts of persecution. Overall, the Prosecution applies a circular approach in which practically each crime has multiple qualifications and each mode of participation in crimes seems to absorb or is superimposed on every another.

While the cumulative charging approach of combined offences is generally permitted, on condition that the facts allow for this, in the opinion of the majority, it is much more for difficult to accept indiscriminate use of all the possible modes of liability with almost no regard for the specificity of the facts.

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Judgements have reprimanded the Prosecution for this catch-all practice. It must be emphasised that the latter was able to present all of his arguments. The last two were both condemned to a certain degree to follow the furrow dug out by the Prosecution.

Contes cruels.

The Prosecution Pre-trial and final briefs should have helped to lift some initial ambiguities. On the contrary, instead of presenting the work plan of the Prosecution in regards to the facts to be proved and of reviewing at the end of the trial how the Prosecution completed its task, the briefs rather appeared to the majority as new charging instruments in which each of which one was aimed at presenting the entire Prosecution argument. Thus it is with some difficulty that the Chamber has tried to untangle the disparate submissions of the Prosecution.

She says that the judgment is legally and factually so bad that it is a nullity, counting for nothing.

Contes cruels

Dentro di me faccio delle ipotesi, ma non le posso certo rivelare. Non posso dire quello che penso. New episode is now live.

Corax, Danas 4. Palestine at the Gates of the Jens Iverson. April 5, at Marko Milanovic. April 6, at Richard Ashby Wilson.