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Nowhere to Hide A young boy faces unimaginable terror as he comes face to face with the monster who has appeared in his dreams. Thunderer In the magical Dickensian city of Ararat, where the streets are patrolled from the skies above by Captain Arlandes in the battle galleon Thunderer, a dark power is released. Ghost Radio A pirate radio talk show featuring eerie tales of vampires and the denizens of the night is about to go mainstream with terrifying consequences for the living and the dead.

Confessor Final novel in the Sword of Truth: The journey of Richard and Kahlan ends with the speaking of the rule unspoken since the dawn of history and the world is forever changed. Wolfsbane and Mistletoe Collection of holiday stories featuring werewolves. Blood Memories Vampire Eleisha Clevon becomes the target of two human policemen with gifts of their own. Howard Volume 4. Gentleman Takes a Chance Kyrie Smith, a young shape shifter, is pushed to help police detective and fellow shifter Rafiel Thrall to solve mysterious murders of fellow shifters. Intimate Beings Third installment in paranormal romance series.

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Magic and the Modern Girl Jane Madison has been letting her witchcraft slide, thereby losing her powers, and she attempts to get them back while dealing with a myriad of family problems. Red Fire In Savannah, Georgia, young warrior Ajax is poised for a final battle with the demon Sable, when he encounters the beautiful Shay Angel and he has a new love to protect. Come the Night Werewolf Gillian Maitland has fiery passion for a man only a quarter-werewolf, who comes to London to try and win her away from an arranged marriage.

Baun, creator of Oz. Reserved for the Cat In a alternate London, a young dancer receives help from an Elemental Earth Spirit in the guise of a cat, but runs afoul of another Spirit and the cat must help her twice. Foundation: The Collegium Chronicles A year old orphan escapes life in the mines when he is chosen by a Companion horse of Valdemar to be trained as a Herald. The Universe Twister Three complete novels of cross-dimensional danger and twisted universes in one omnibus reprint. Water Witch People are disappearing in the bayous of Louisiana and it is up to "water witch", a woman with powers of divination, to try and find them.

Night Falls Darkly Archer, a member of the immortal Shadow Guard, is sent to London to eliminate the soul of Jack the Ripper, and is distracted by attraction for the Ripper's next victim.

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Treasure of Eden Third book in the trilogy: The reappearance of the illustrious Treasure of Eden might be the biggest challenge Jaime has ever faced. Witch High 14 stories of students at magical high schools. Elfslayer Felix and the Dwarf Trollslayer Gottrek team up with the Imperial Wizard to investigate disturbing magical phenomena and find themselves fighting against the dark elves.

Up in Smoke May Northcott is being wooed by a demon lord, and she will have to barter to gain her freedom and fulfill her destiny with Gabriel. Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of the Night First novel in an epic trilogy that unites characters from every corner of the Star Trek universe. Glinda, and tries to fulfill the last wish of a dying princess.

A Crown of Ashes A knight seeks revenge during the Crusades, and follows Lambrecht Raes into a mirror world where things are slightly askew. Irreversible A villain has looped Kitty's reality and only the Wire Crossers and the handsome time anomaly specialist, Q, can save her. City of Jade Aravan, Captain of the elven ship Eroean undertakes a quest to find the mythical City of Jade, a city carved completely of the precious stone.

Once Upon a Dreadful Crime The vile witch Hradian sets events in motion to free her master from prison, and the heroes and heroines of the Four woods rally to try and stop her. Dragonhaven Dragons are extinct in the wild, but an institute in the Smokehill Mountains is dedicated to saving them, and when Jake finds a live dragon baby things change.

Succubus Dreams Seattle succubus Georgiana Kincaid 3 is back for more hell-raising adventure in this sexy urban fantasy series. Faefever Mac has discovered the one thing that Fae and human alike are willing to kill for - the Sinsar Dubh, a book of dark magic that corrupts anyone who touches it. The Serrano Connection Reprint omnibus edition of two full-length military science fiction novels.

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Immortals: The Crossing Celtic demigod Mac Lir finds himself bored with eternal life until he meets a mysterious and captivating woman who has power to destroy all he holds dear. Heir of Kayolin Dwarf Home, Book 2: Explores the destiny of the fractured and fractious dwarf nations. Firebirds Soaring YA: Anthology of original speculative fiction.

The Company Hoping for a better life, five war veterans colonize an abandoned island, but an unanticipated discovery shatters their dreams and replaces it with a different one. Making Money The Postmaster General of Discworld, former con-man Moist von Lipwig, is offered a chance to make some real money and gets in a mess.

The Wit and Wisdom of Discworld Compilation of favorite quotations from the master of modern satire, complied by Stephen Briggs. The Dracula Dossier In the summer of , Bram Stoker returns to London and becomes the prime suspect in the Jack the Ripper murders and he must clear his name. War Machine Ex-soldier Keenan works as a P. Dark Rain Dark novel about a small, creepy New England town where the descendants of the Salem witches have lived and ruled for centuries. Iron Jaw and Hummingbird YA: Mars is controlled by the Chinese, and two young street kids join forces to bring down the corrupt government.

Cast in Fury When a minority race of telepaths is wrongly accused of causing a tsunami, Private Kaylin Neya is drawn into a world of politics and murder. Found You Sequel to The Hollower : The Hollower comes back and sets out to kill the humans who thought they had killed him.

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The Ink Drinker YA: One summer vacation, young Odilon is working at his father's bookstore when he notices a man drinking a book, and he follows him all the way to the cemetery. Dreaming the Eagle Book Two of the stunning epic saga about warrior queen Boudica, the only native British leader to command a successful revolt against the invading Roman army. Reader and Raelynx Twelve Houses Series Book 4: The mystic Cammon must put aside his personal feelings for Princess Amalie to help her find a suitor and protect her from her own powers.

Underground 7 friends have a graduation party at an old mansion, and when two of them are spirited away by a demon who lives there, the remaining five fight to free them. The Merchant's War The Merchant Princes Book 4; Miriam has escaped to yet another world and remains in hiding from both the Clan and their opponents, not knowing a vital piece of information that will really bum her out.

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Mona Lisa Awakening Mona Lisa knew she was different, but she never knew how much until a man of otherworldly beauty entered her life. The Gladiator A teenage time trader is left behind when his family evacuates an alternative Milan; he must rely on the help of two other teens to save him.

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  4. Never Trust a Dead Man YA: Selwyn is accused of murder and sealed in the village burial cave, when a witch raises the victim from the dead, and Selwyn must work with him to find the real killer. There's a Dead Person Following My Sister Around YA: Ted's 5-year old sister invents an imaginary friend, and when it turns out to be able to move things, Ted is concerned that it may be a ghost. Crate and Peril Samantha Dorringer and the shape-shifting leader of the Storm Ravens plunge headlong into investigating a hilarious Hollywood scandal.

    The Way of Shadows Azoth, a young boy who wants out of the Warrens, seeks Durzo Blint, the most merciless assassin in the city, to take him on as an apprentice. Vampire Zero Vampire fighter Laura Caxton must go after her partner, once the world's foremost authority on vampires, who accepted the curse of vampirism to win a battle. Bond of Darkness: A Novel of Texas Vampires Vampire Ethan Templeton has fallen in love with mortal Texas Ranger Stephanie Darling, and as they work together to stop a serial killer he debates turning her into a vampire.

    Fast Forward 2 Collection of all-original, all-SF stories. Two to the Fifth A powerful magical bird named Ragna Roc has embarked on a campaign to become ruler of Xanth, and the Good Magician enlists Cyrus the Cyborg in a stealthy subterfuge to stop it. The Ghost In Love A man doesn't die when he is "supposed to" and the ghost sent to take his soul to the afterlife is told to watch him, and things get complicated from there. Humpty Dumpty in Oakland First US paperback edition: A tragic comedy of misunderstandings between used car dealers and real estate salesmen.

    The Wall of America Collection of short fiction which visit the shadowy zone between present life and a near future that is frighteningly tangible. The January Dancer Captain Amos January loses an artifact that could save or destroy the universe; a myriad of interesting characters will all kill to get it. The Physiognomy Reissue: Physiognomist Cley is sent to a mining town to find a thief, becomes enamored of a beautiful girl, and when she rejects him, he remakes her face in a horrible way.

    Star Trek Authoritative account of all five Star Trek series providing a comprehensive guide to the Star Trek universe and its key themes. The Better Mousetrap Magical practitioner Frank Carpenter is drawn to a mysterious force, while dealing with a woman who falls out of trees and dies, repeatedly. Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide Features chronological reviews of over zombie movies and copious photographs. The Stormcaller The Twilight Reign Book One: In a land ruled by prophecy and the whims of Gods, young Isak finds himself at the heart of a war he barely understands, wielding powers he may never be able to control.

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    The Knight of the Red Beard The youngest children of Ashen and Gaurin seem destined to alter the future of Nordornland, one allying herself with the evil Ysa, and the other stowing away on a ship. Trickster's Choice YA: Alone in a foreign land, Aly tries to navigate a royal court rife with political intrigue and murderous conspiracy.

    Trickster's Queen YA: Aly is kept busy keeping a potential teenage queen safe, while also keeping her in the dark about her future. Porius In , at a Roman fort in North Wales, Porius, son of the reigning prince, tries to hold off the Saxons and their forest-people allies, and Merlin has been sent to help him. The da-da-de-da-da Code The music of the angels lies in the da-da-de-da-da Code, where every conspiracy theory are wrapped up into one.

    The Night Children The night children live in the biggest mall in the world, and the owner of the MagaMall has plans to exterminate them, so feuding gangs must fight together to survive. Swiftly In , the British Empire has grown rich exploiting the Lilliputian slaves, but the French have formed a regiment of Brobdingnagian giants and invasion looms. The Hickory Staff The Eldarn Sequence 1: An assistant bank manager and a high school teacher are drawn into the land of Eldarn, and captured by a group of resistance fighters against an evil tyrant.

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    Liberation In a near-future, after the total collapse of the economy, a group of criminals known as the Slick Six set out to set the US on the road to recovery. Caine Black Knife The shocking truth of what really took place when assassin Caine nearly exterminated the fiercest of all tribes, the Black Knives. Germaine, on a spy mission in Czarist Russia, must figure out how to protect his title and his wealth without revealing his identity or his True Nature. Blood Lite An anthology of humorous horror stories. Harry, A History Personal in-depth look at the pop-cultural phenomenon surrounding the Harry Potter series.

    Living With the Dead When human Robyn Peltier is accused of murder, the people determined to clear her name are Half-demon tabloid reporter Hope Adams and necromancer detective John Findlay. Destiny Kills After waking on a beach with a mysterious tattoo on her back, Desinty McCree attempts to untangle the secrets of her past, opening up a world of magic. Master B.