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Like Cane , Spring and All is a comparative text; it invents new terms and tastes by way of contrast and association. Above I have supplied three reasons, and though I like them fairly well, they do not, in the end, as is probably to be expected, exhaust all my thinking and feeling about varying, combinatory writing styles.

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I may care most about a mixture of styles because it allows the paranoiac in me to comment on the conservative literary not to mention educational systems that I fear linger in our world, in spite of—and sometimes even paradoxically by way of—the iconoclasm of modernist heroes et al.

Verse is not just, to my mind, a form with various technical appurtenances, since it has a long history and specific social functions inputs, outputs ; like prose, it seems to me at times a sort of system, with myriad institutional nodes.

Neon Soul: A Collection of Poetry and Prose by Alexandra Elle

Though I am not so heroic myself as to believe that my contemporaries are in need of saving, I do often find that some perverse aspect of me would very much like to make things a little bit messier, throw a wrench in the engine, and otherwise, pick your frustratingly well-worn metaphor, cause to function less smoothly said system of literary production. Most of all, stubborn being that I am, I find myself drawn to various styles of silence, said silence being a possible ingredient in, or sign of, the still, at least to me, unaccountable distance between poetry and prose.

Anyway, could we remove a poem from its job as a poem? A sentence, from its job as a sentence?

What would we need to contribute to writing to cause such odd dismissals to transpire in a believable manner? What is the very smallest unit that can indicate plot, as such?

On the Many Ways and Reasonsto Mix Poetry and Prose

What occurs to us when we are not sure what we are reading? To the extent that these aberrant questions have answers, they indicate the direction toward which some, though certainly not all, of my writing tends, which is to say, not toward the invention of new reasons for writing between and around and among established literary modes, but toward the invention of instances of contrast, that can in turn stand in stark contrast to the abundant supply of similarities I am sure to have found, in my perverse search for fresh difference.

Created by Grove Atlantic and Electric Literature. Article continues after advertisement. I just got copies shipped to myself Gaber, Director of Sadie Pope Dowdell Library of South Amboy about the possibility of selling my book in the library, with a portion of the proceeds donated to the library She wants me to e-mail her bio info, etc I'll probably be sending her links to stuff here on SS My book is now available on Kindle K link I posted up top, you'll see the link to the Kindle version Posted: Monday, September 3, AM.

I once knew a drinker who had a moderating problem Posted: Tuesday, September 4, AM.

The Penguin Book of the Prose Poem

Posted: Tuesday, September 4, PM. Thanks Gypsy As of right now, I'm booked for Thursday, but outside of that can be fairly flexible. Thanks, Jacqueline Durett The interview's going to be over the phone sometime this week btw We'll see what happens in another week or so I think she's going to send me some questions prior to the phone interview btw When I wrote the editor over the weekend I kept it fairly on point Now I'm sitting here thinking about what else I want the world to know, so if I sound like I'm thinking out loud here, I am Anyway, a fairly experienced author in an online writing group made the comment recently that it generally takes about 18 months of promo before a book starts to sell on its own I'd like to give it a good kick out the door though Book 2 … entitled Ave Maria by Richard Ruesch The life of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, is brought to mind by the contemplation of the mysteries of the rosary and the recitation of its prayers.

The mysteries of the rosary are those that are joyful, luminous, sorrowful Ronda Chervin Many Catholics have wavered about staying in the Church because of certain personal problems or tragedies they think cannot be reconciled with belief What if you had the ability to destroy vice, decrease sin, and cause good works Hughes When and how is each person's psychological profile established? Al Hughes takes that question to task in an autobiography that begins with one of his earliest Is the amount of time spent on We are fueled by prayers and devotions. We impact hearts and minds for saving Martin Gwen Coniker, Servant of God, ordinary wife and mother of thirteen, teaches others how to live these dual vocations to a heroic degree.

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Ronda at chervinronda gmail. Scroll about halfway down the page for the Options for Widows! Ronda Chervin has a Ph. Mary: The Rosary, the Relationship, and Dragons by Keith Berube Mary: The Rosary, the Relationship, and Dragons reveals intriguing, little known aspects of the Rosary, gently catapulting the reader into a wondrous world of sweet, It is not an essay on philosophy. It is not a treatise on philosophy.

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This book is more like philosophical entertainment and illustration: a collection of philosophical Simple Holiness by Albert E. Hughes and Ronda Chervin We all are called to holiness, but we may not know what holiness means or how to approach it. Do you really desire to climb the ladder of holiness? Do you seek a life of spiritual joy in union with God, Best friends Maria and Riley accidentally break a window then lie to their parents. Their growing discomfort coincides with encounters with their parish priests and teachers Learn about the Church, the Mass, music and prayer.

Includes short essays that explain the sacrament of Baptism.